Co-operative Foods Case Study

Jill has worked as a consultant for Co-operative Foods and Membership, contributing to many successful projects over that time. One of the most fulfilling projects was the delivery of a touring cookery demonstration project around the topic of food waste.

The project covered the whole of the UK, from John O’Groats to Plymouth. Jill used her skills as a recipe developer, home economist and presenter to deliver the project.

Jill initially developed a series of recipes for the tour. The recipes not only had to address the issue of food waste within households but also help with menu planning, stock rotation, show how to create effective shopping lists, how to use a freezer effectively and the importance of food labelling and storage.

During the events, Jill demonstrated the recipes with her trademark friendly and motivational style, helping people to make the most of the food that they buy, save time and money as well as helping the environment.

Following on from this, Jill worked with Co-operative on ‘watch your Christmas Waste’, producing a recipe pack of Christmas recipes using leftovers such as Turkey, cranberries and Christmas pudding. She continues to work with Co-operative Food at in-store cookery demonstrations.

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Jill is a delight to work with. Highly organised with her preparation, she meets deadlines and is flexible in her approach. A fantastic facilitator, she is great at getting the audience involved. Very approachable and creative, I highly recommend Jill.