Jill has extensive experience of working as a food stylist on advertising and media campaigns with household name brands (Asda, Morrisons, Quorn, Greggs and Russell Hobbs to name a few). Jill works with a team of creatives to make irresistible images that make you want to eat the food from the page!

As a proficient food stylist, Jill has worked on numerous projects predominantly food styling for advertising, packaging, editorial and magazines.

Jill’s work with supermarket brand Netto was a large project to help them to deliver three crucial advertising campaigns they had planned over the course of a year, both in store with promotional materials and through online editorial and advertising.

There were three strands to the overall project with campaigns for Easter, BBQ and a Midsummer campaign. The company selected a range of products that they wished to feature and highlight and Jill then developed a series of recipes to make use of these ingredients and to fit within the criteria of the themes.

Once concepts were approved, Jill developed and tested the recipes and developed a recipe pack for each of the three campaigns.

On completion of all recipe development, Jill worked with a photographer to create and style all of the recipes to create a range of images. These images were  then used by the Netto marketing teams in materials such as leaflets, flyers and on the Netto website to help promote their seasonal campaigns.

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