BBC Good Food Shows - Case Study

Jill’s excellent organisational skills have really come into play during her long standing relationship with the BBC Good Food Show. Over her career, Jill has worked with many of the well-known TV chefs at Food Festivals and on TV shows and has worked as a Home Economist at the BBC Good Food Show for several years.

During the show, Jill manages one of the live cookery theatres. It takes meticulous planning to organise all the ingredients and equipment for some of the country’s top chefs. Jill is on hand at the show to ensure that all of their demonstrations go smoothly.

Jill sources ingredients for their recipes (some of which can be very unusual) from various wholesalers across the country. She also makes sure that the chefs have all of the equipment that they need for their demonstrations.

During her time at the BBC Good Food Show, Jill has learnt that preparation and attention to detail is key. Jill has this down to a fine art, understanding that all chefs work differently and live events can be unpredictable.

Then there are the Hero’s (‘Here’s one I prepared earlier!’) when the chef needs to demonstrate each stage of cooking. So, for example, if the chef is making bread, Jill will prepare it in up to 5 different stages for them. This enables them to show the process of making bread during each phase. For Jill, this means timing and preparation is crucial to ensure smooth delivery for the chef.

Jill’s role also involves managing a small backstage team. These professionals will help move everything for the demo on and off the stage as seamlessly as possible. The team are made responsible for maneuvering everything, from ingredients and equipment, to the chef.

During the BBC Good Food Show, Jill has to be on hand before, during and after the live demonstrations. Every year Jill has prepared, witnessed and cleaned up after some extremely talented chefs. All of which she has been delighted to assist.

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Jill has worked with us at BBC Good Food Show in our Cooking Theatre for Hotpoint. Jill is my go to Home Economist for any cooking events as her culinary skills are second to none and compare to a lot of the Chefs she is actually preparing for. When you couple this with Jill’s great personality, zero ego and exemplary customer facing skills with all age ranges but especially children you have the complete addition to any team.
Jayson Weston, Brand Experience & Instore Director, Whirlpool Corporation