The Vegetarian Society - Case study

Jill has spent a number of years managing large projects with well-known brands. To begin this work, Jill often has to pitch a tender in order to win the contract. One of Jill’s latest winning pitches was with The Vegetarian Society.

The Vegetarian Society is a resource which discusses everything vegetarian, from recipes to climate change. Jill tendered for the work she completed with the company and saw the project through from fruition to completion.

What Jill did:

Jill took on the whole project with The Vegetarian Society. She wrote unique, tasty recipes and then managed a team who provided recipe creation and recipe testing for those dishes.

A nutritionist analysed each recipe developed by Jill. This was to ensure the food was healthy and balanced. She also enlisted the skills of a food photographer to take pictures of each final dish for marketing purposes. For this, Jill had to style food, props and final recipes to achieve high-quality imagery for her client.

During The Vegetarian Society project, Jill’s recipe development happened in phases. Recipes were written, created and tested, all of which required different techniques and styles. For example, family meals, curries, italian and vegan recipes. Professional photographs were taken of every finished dish, which were then positioned alongside written recipes.

Once the collection of recipes and corresponding images were complete, they were then used for marketing purposes. The Vegetarian Society used this material online, in publications and for advertising campaigns.

The work Jill has done for this client has been credited by the company and as Jill led the whole project she was able to see the success of her efforts once the project came to an end.

Take a look at some of Jill’s recipe creations on her clients website:

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