Quorn food - Case Study

In 2005, Jill became one of a small team of Home Economists working on a UK wide project to promote the benefits of cooking with Quorn. She now works on a regular basis with the brand on a variety of campaigns.

Jill has worked with Quorn food for many years. She is extremely proud of the extensive relationship she has formed with the company and its founders. After all, Quorn is an extremely distinguished brand. Jill has helped promote their message to ensure their nation-wide success.

She also works with a range of people within the catering industry. Including catering managers, executive chefs, nutritionists and menu planners. Her work ensures that Quorn is used as widely as possible and appears on menus across the country.

What Jill does:

As part of her work with Quorn, Jill runs cookery demonstrations around healthy eating. Also, she works on food styling for the brand. Moreover, using the healthy protein source, Jill has developed a number of unique recipes which are popular to vast audiences.

As a result of her work, Jill has introduced Quorn as a versatile and healthy ingredient onto the menus in many schools, colleges, universities and hospitals throughout the North East of England and Scotland.

Forming such a reputable association with Quorn food has allowed Jill to share her skills on a number of projects. Jill’s work with the Quorn team is very varied. This comes with the aim of helping both consumers and caterers understand the benefits of cooking with this versatile ingredient.

Jill has worked on a number of campaigns for the company. All of which have enabled her to harness her versatility and use her experience across other clients.

Take a look at some of Quorn’s delicious recipes and products on their website: https://www.quorn.co.uk/

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Jill has been at the centre of our foodservice culinary team since 2006 and instrumental in the success of the team.  She always approaches all her work with the highest level of professionalism, whether it’s a classroom of 5 year olds or an audience of experienced chefs, Jill will always wow the audience with the quality of the food and her knowledge and passion.  The way Jill makes healthy eating interesting for children is fantastic and we receive countless letters from school children saying how enjoyable her demonstrations were.  Jill’s personality shines through in everything she does - we are thrilled to have her as part of our team.      
Tony Davison, Global Head of Food Service & QSR