Bespoke projects

Jill has worked on a number of bespoke projects, which require a variety of expertise. With experience of working in social services, Jill has the skills and abilities to work with diverse groups of people. Thus, resulting in her love for unique and challenging projects.

Jill has the natural ability to connect with a variety of people. Accordingly, Jill often works in collaboration with local authorities and other community groups.

Recently she completed work with The Eat Newcastle Gateshead Festival team, involving 30 people who are currently undergoing treatment for a mental health illness. As a result, the project encouraged greater knowledge and understanding of food and cooking and how it can benefit every-day life. The success of this led to the production of an amazing cook book.

Jill also worked with Gateshead Council on the Soul Soup Project. The Soul Soup project combines the arts and food to promote and encourage meaningful interaction between young and older generations. Working with groups of children and older people, Jill utilised her creative talent to develop a range of soup and bread recipes. Following this, she organised a number of community events where the soup and bread was sampled.

Jill is often given a bespoke brief. This then requires her to use a range of skills to meet the expectations of the client.

Bespoke Projects

Please contact Jill for more information about bespoke projects.

Jill came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. Jill is always very calm, organized and polite, even when dealing with an extremely tight schedule and larger-than-life chefs!
Rochdale Feel Food Festival