Recipe writing

Jill specialises in recipe writing and development and has produced recipes for a range of customers. Many of the recipes Jill has created have been for major food manufacturers in the UK. Moreover, the work Jill completes with these companies allows her to expand her recipe writing skills, producing unique flavours and dishes for each.

Some of the recipes Jill has written feature in magazines and online. Others menus, such as solutions for school meals and contract caterers, were created with the campaign brief in mind and privately used.

She also works with companies creating recipes for packaging as well as for websites and promotional leaflets. Recent work has included recipe writing for companies such as Hovis, Quorn, Bachelors, The Co-operative and Homepride. Additionally, Jill has done recipe editing on the ‘Great Little Ideas’ website.

Likewise, Jill tests and proof reads recipes written for cookery books to ensure that they are correct prior to being published. In particular, she has recently done exceptional work proofing the Masterchef cookery books and testing weekly recipes for HelloFresh.

Recipe Creation/Testing 

Please contact Jill for more information about recipe creation.

Jill is totally reliable and resourceful, always delivering high quality work, on time. She has a natural ability to connect with all sorts of people and an organised calmness that is invaluable on the day of the event.
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